Franklin Badge:

Franklin Badge

Ness used the power of the Franklin Badge to deflect Carpainter's Thunder attacks. Now you can have a Franklin Badge of your very own! That is, if you can find one. But thanks to the release of Mother 3, that task is not as difficult anymore.

Originally only 200 Franklin Badges were ever made. In Japan you had a chance of winning one if you bought the Mother Encyclopedia or the Mother 1 Strategy Guide. Printed on the cover's sleeve of these guides was an advertisement for a chance to enter into a drawing. 200 entrants would be randomly picked to receive a Franklin Badge. Talk about luck.

Then on April 20, 2006 in Japan Mother 3 was released. The Mother 3 Deluxe Box was created as a special limited time preorder. Included in the box was Mother 3, a GameBoy Micro with a special faceplate, and a Franklin Badge. The Mother 3 Deluxe Box retailed for about 18,000 yen ($155).

Two versions of the badge were made. One with a gold background, and one with a white background. The gold ones are part of the original 200, and the white ones are the new re-released edition. It is only an 1 ¾" in size.

In May of 2006, on Yahoo Japan Auctions, two original Franklin Badges along with their corresponding guide; the ticket stating you won a Franklin Badge; and the winning letter were up for bidding. The starting bid was 1,000,000 Yen (About $9000!). No one bid on the auction. However what did come out of the auction were some great pictures thanks to yokomako29.

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Franklin Badge (White) - Franklin Badge (Gold) - Mother Encyclopedia - Mother Strategy Guide - Franklin Badge (Front - M3 DLX) - Franklin Badge (Back - M3 DLX) - FB Package (Front - M3 DLX) - FB Package (Back - M3 DLX) - Mother 3 Deluxe Box

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