Mother 1+2 Coca-Cola Keychains:

Title: Mother 1+2 Coca-Cola Keychains:
Manufacturer: Coca-Cola
Licensed: Nintendo of Japan / HAL Laboratories / Community Store
Release: August 26th, 2003
Price: ¥120
Rare Rating:
Get It: eBay
Game Swag

Nintendo briefly teamed up with Coca-Cola in Japan to help promote the Japanese release of MOTHER 1+2 for GBA. With the purchase of a 500ml Coca-Cola product from any Community Store (a convenience store-chain in Japan) included one of six different MOTHER 2 keychains. All the packages looked the same, so which one you got was completely random. Each keychain comes with its own "Coca-Cola Tag." Even though this was a promotion for MOTHER 1+2, only MOTHER 2 characters were used. Sorry, no Ninten or Smoking Crow keychains!




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