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Twoson - by redleader


Old, old picture that I only RECENTLY finished CGing. Waiting for the bus at Twoson... And yes, I know Poo shouldn't be there--but I wanted to include everyone, regardless. :p

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redleader Denizen of Snowman
This was done when Zero first became available to the public at large. And YES, I know her name is Ana--I didn't know that waaaaaaay back then, I just slapped the names, Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo into the boxes at the start of the game and that was that. :p
10/17/05 0.00
redleader Fourside!
Everyone but Poo out on the town at Fourside! Jeff seems uncomfortable though. :p
10/17/05 0.00
redleader Gurren Jeffann
Almost by sheer coincidence, when Darrow first premeired his Exit Mouse character Reginald Jr. in his comic, my first impression was... He's wearing "Kamina" glasses! XD Darrow noted the resemblance but said it wasn't his intention to make "Kamina" glasses. However, the image was forever BURNED into my mind! And while playing Mother 3, that idea began to crystalize--and my wife reminded me that Darrow's birthday was coming up too. Sadly, I missed the deadline because I was STILL playing Mother 3 at the time and not doing anything else until I was done. And when I did, I immediately got to work on this. Ness is obviously Simon. I wanted to put in his hat but... It didn't work out too well, so I had to remove it. He's doing the typical Team Gurren pose, except he's got his bat up instead of his finger. Also notice the Franklin Badge replaces Simon's Core Drill. Paula ended up being Nia because they have roughly the same hair color and because I simply couldn't see her as Yoko. Besides, with Yoko's outfit, I couldn't submit it here ANYWAY! XD Of course, Yoko fits better with Kumatora--and that WILL be drawn, but not submitted here. :p Jeff gets to be Lagann, complete with his gun. Poo... I actually wrestled with the idea of making Poo Rossiu since he's such a dispicable character but he looks the part so gets to be Rossiu. Reginald Jr., of course, is featured prominently as Kamina, even sporting a unique version of the Team Dai Gurren logo on his cape. Pokey gets to be the Spiral King with a fake, store bought beard and lastly... The Sky Runner gets to play the role of the Cathedral Terra AKA Super Galaxy Dai Gurren, rising as a shadow over the Earth with only its lights showing, ala the 3rd Gurren Lagann opening.

Drawn in OpenCanvas, colored in Photoshop Elements 2.
11/4/08 0.00
redleader Saturn Valley
Please forgive the rather simple presentation but this was done as part of a sketch exchange thing on Deviant Art so it's rather meant to be sketchy and monochrome. No fancy Photoshop effects today... ^^;;;;;
4/26/08 0.00
redleader Summers
It's been looooooooooong time since I've submitted anything here... ^^; But this is honestly the first piece of Earthbound fanart I've drawn since the last submission. You can thank Brawl for that. :p

I know the angle's wrong... It shouldn't look that elevated from where Ness and Paula are but... ^^;;; I spent 3-4 hours drawing it before I realized it was wrong and then it was too late to fix it. >_< Used some Photoshop filters to add textures similiar to the game and hand painted everything else.

All done in Photoshop with a tablet.
3/23/08 0.00


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