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Ness' final battle - by electrospecter

Ness' final battle

Fan Art of the Week Winner! 19 Mar 2007

That's Ness on the left there, and on the right we have Giygas and his pal Pokey.

Other Submissions by electrospecter

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Electrospecter Ness
1/4/05 8.00
electrospecter Zombies Eat Magic Cake
This is a fast-paced version of the zombie music when you first enter Threed. The fact that it's faster led me to think of a title that would explain why the music is fast... the most "mind-altering" thing I could think of from EB was the Magic Cake. Made entirely using FL Studio.
10/16/06 0.00
electrospecter Winter Ambience
This melancholy tune was inspired by Jeff's story: cooped up in a Boarding House due to the harsh environment outside, and rarely ever seeing his father.
12/20/06 0.00


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