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Story of a Soldier #3 - RAHHHHH - by Radiation

Story of a Soldier #3 - RAHHHHH

soas - #03

this comic is pretty good except if I could do it again I would make it so the second strike is more strategic, like, the guy takes the papers or something

Other Submissions by Radiation

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Radiation Santa Claws
Battle Sprite by Radiation for Arn's Winter Quest. Requires SPECIAL battle palette.
9/28/06 0.00
Radiation SeekerBot
Random battle sprite from PoeTrader.smc.
9/30/06 0.00
Radiation Sketchy Nightmare
Kind of a sketchy lame pencil drawing I made when I was bored, it's still pretty interesting though.
9/2/06 0.00
Radiation Slimy Snail
Battle Sprites: good for when you're bored.
9/30/06 0.00
Radiation Snow Crawl
Battle Sprite by Radiation for Arn's Winter Quest. Generic enemy.
9/28/06 0.00


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