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How to make Starmen.Net Funktastic all over again - by LiarXAgerate

How to make Starmen.Net Funktastic all over again

Anyone who's been coming to this site for more than six months knows that it's changed, mostly for the worst. And anyone who happens to glance at the Forums for more than an hour will notice that people know this. But what are they doing to make it better? Unfortunately, for the most part, nothing.

And I can understand why. Most of 'em just dunno how to do it. I used to be that way, but now I know. The way to save the site is by following these guidelines:

Rule Number One: Don'!) You'd be suprised how much the people who are constanly yelling for the admins to do something about the lamers actually do that they themselves'd consider stupid. It should be obvious that you aren't helping the site by doing this, so stop it!

Rule Number Two: Play nicely, children! Anyone who's been here a while knows that what this community amazing was that people weren't constantly yelling at people who made mistakes. It was like a big family, as EBAholic once put it, only without people screaming constantly and pulling eachother's hair. Well, it seems that everyone's forgotten this. Now everyone is exactly like a family, complete with hair-pulling, screaming, and people asking the heads of the household for keys to the car. That's bad, if you didn't already notice. I mean, face it, people make mistakes, and most of the time, they notice. They don't need you to remind them, especially when it's done IN CAPITAL LETTERS AS IF YOU COULD NOT CONTROL THE TONE OF YOUR VOICE! You can correct them, just don't do it solely to take them down a notch.

Rule Number Three: Do something for the site The site can't get better if you don't do anything for it. Submit a Fanfic, write an article, draw a piece of FanArt, submit something for the Newsletter, cuz StarDude seems to be filling it up himself lately. Heck, the Comics page hasn't been dusted off in months! You must be good at something...

And finally, the most important rule of all--Get Back in the Game-Play EarthBound! After all, that's the reason we're all here... am I right or am I right? (Hint: I'm right)

All of these should be followed if we want our old site back, the one great enough to evoke emotions like this-

"Nothing makes me more proud than to stand up, smiling, and declare: "I, Juliana Tritone, am an EarthBounder for life." -PSI322, The Truth About Friendship (And other Life Lessons)

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