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Earthbound's Greatest Mysteries 4 - by EBFan2000

Earthbound's Greatest Mysteries 4

Hi everybody. It's me EBFan2000 with another installment to the Earthbound's Greatest Mysteries series. In case you didn't know, this is the series where I touch upon some aspect of Earthbound that are puzzling. Some of these have been touched upon before, some haven't.

In this article I will talk about one of the weirdest parts in all of Earthbound, the photographer. Who is this strange man? He flies from the sky at the most annoying times to take pictures of you. But why? How would he know from the start about Ness' adventure? He must have had some inside information. And that brings up another question, who gave him this inside information. Was it a good guy, or could he have been one of Giygas' men. And how does he fly from the sky? Does he have some sort of space age jet pack. And the last thing that bothers me is what is the meaning of "fuzzy pickles?" Is it a code word of some sort? Or could it be just one of those stupid things photographers say?

Now, as always, here are some possible explanations:

Maybe the photographer is a contact for Giygas.

Maybe he is a contact for Ness' dad, that's how dad knows your exp. to next level.

Maybe he was sent by Ness' mom to take pictures of his journey.

Or maybe he is just a photographer that wanted to follow Ness so he could take pictures of his journey and become famous.

He is able to come from the sky because he has a jet pack.

He is able to jump from the sky because he is in a spaceship made by Giygas.

Fuzzy Pickles is a codeword of some sort to signal to his superiors that his mission is accomplished.

Fuzzy Pickles is just a dumb thing photographers say to try to make you smile.

As you can see this is a very puzzling situation. And it is just one of..... ..... Earthbound's Greatest Mysteries

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