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Mother 3 the freshmaker! - by GoLdChEeSe

Mother 3 the freshmaker!

I am here today to talk about the joys and sadness of mother 3. We all know of mother 3, well hopefully unless you are new to earthbound, and only check out the articles on this web site. First off I will talk about the joys of mother 3. First of all its a new mother game! Isn't that good enough? Plus when it was to be released for the n64 its graphics were outstanding for its time! And the game looked pretty snazzy in motion. The music was pretty cool, a little bit lacking in the earthboundyness of earthbound but you can still feel it. And last but not least, theres still a chance it is to be released even after cancellation. THANK YOU GAMECUBE!

Now, for the sadness of earthbound. We had to wait since the release of the n64 to the death, just to find out they cancelled it from us! That is whack! Second, they didn't seem to have ness. We all fans of the original earthbound/mother 2 game wanted to find out what happened between pokey and ness. And 3rd, why must nintendo torture us so by making us wait and giving out hints about it may be in the works and so on! Just tell us if your going to be working on it your driving me crazy! and 4th, Pig King? What? It could be pokey but he wouldn't refer to himself as the Pig King he thinks of himself as the big man on campus. Even after defeat he still acted as Mr.Big Shot. So why would he refer to himself to a pig? And that leaves us with number 5(and yes I am mad at number 4 being how the pig king is kinda corny.) If pokey isnt in the game, we have to start with a new villian also! Now we wont find out what happens between ness and pokey unless its in between.

We know we want mother 3. But do we want it to be the same mother 3 from the n64? I'm unsure. But that's probably what its going to be being they wouldnt throw away a game they spent like 4 years on. This is GoLdChEeSe saying, release it already I cant wait any longer!! And also that isn't it kinda exciting each time news comes out about mother 3? nintendo may be luring us into a trap. And giving new earthbound fans a chance to drool over it...

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GoLdChEeSe Mother 3 the freshmaker!
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