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How Much Summer School Did Ness Really Need? - by Ninten1

How Much Summer School Did Ness Really Need?

I often see people write in fanfics, IFs , and on the EB/EB0 board that Ness must've missed a lot of school due to his "long" adventure. Well, I decided to analyze Ness' adventure from the day after he recieved the Sound Stone and use a little knowlege and common sense to approximately how many days his adventure might have taken. Please note that this has not been proven and actually can't be proven unless Itoi were to say the actual amount of days. Anyway, let's get started:

Day 1: Wake up the morning after getting the Sound Stone to getting the melody of Giant Step or beating the cops. Reasoning: Ness knew he had to get to Giant Step and knew that the shack blocking the path was locked because of the Sharks. It should have only taken him a few hours to find them and beat Frank and Franystein. After that, he would have gotten the key to the shack from Pirkle, traveled to Titanic Ant, beat him, gotten the melody, and then been told to visit the police station. Now, if you were to go home and rest, Paula would send her psychic message which Ness is supposed to get because how else would he know Paula is kidnapped or where she is? Of course, Ness could have gone to fight the cops right away and then go home and rest because he was tired, or rest first because he was already tired and deal with the cops the next morning. Either way, I think once he received the first melody it should have been near sunset.

Day 2: Beat the cops or go to Twoson to paying Apple Kid. Reasoning: It wouldn't have taken very long to get to Twoson, even if Ness had to beat the cops first. Once he got to Twoson, he probabbly asked around about Paula and thought that Burgalin Park would be an excellent place to ask around. There he would have fought Everdred and learned about Paula. Before he went to rescue her, he had to somehow meet Apple Kid, pay him and feed him, then get the Receiver Phone. The day has to end here because when Ness investigates the Pencil Statue and then returns and Apple Kid gives him the Pencil Eraser, Apple Kid says that he's tired because he was working all night on it. He had to work on it after Ness payed him because he was broke. So, after paying Apple Kid, Ness probabbly went to sleep and prepared to save Paula even though Everdred said they were going to make her a human sacrifice. How Ness could just catch some Z's with that in his mind, I don't know...

Day 3: Investigate Pencil Statue to Rescue Paula. Reasoning: I already explained that Apple Kid had to invent the Penicl Eraser first. After getting it and erasing the pencil statue, Ness journied through Peaceful Rest Valley, and arrived at Happy Happy Village. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't waste any more time before saving her because her life was on the line. He visited her cell, got teh Franklin Badge, beat Pokey's toadies, beat the cult, and then Carpainter. After that, the village returned to normal, Ness got the cabin key, and he saved Paula. Now, after all of those fights and the long walk through the valley with out the bridge there for the shortcut, Ness must've been tired, and Paula must've wanted a nice bed to sleep in. They probabbly decided to spend the night at the house with the formerly blue cow. Ness probabbly explained the whole sanctuary thing in detail as they slowly drifted off to sleep.

Day 4: Beat Mondo Mole to get trapped in the graveyard. Reasoning: Obviously, Ness and Paula need to get the second Sanctuary so they traveled through the cave and beat Mondo Mole to get the melody. After that, it was time to return to Twoson. The walk through the valley was made shorter by the repaired bridge so it should have been around noon ar so when the two arrived at Polestar Preschool. After talking with Paula's parents, Ness was told to visit Everdred. He did and got the wad of bills to pay off the Runaway 5's debt. Remember, they told Ness to return with a cute girl. He did and so he got the backstage pass. They saw the show, payed off the debt and went on their way to Threed. It should have been getting into late afternoon once they arrived. They obviously needed to solve Threed's zombie trouble so they decided to investigate the graveyard. They saw the secret path, then decided that it was getting pretty late. So, they went to the hotel, but standing in front of it was a scantily clad woman whose seductive powers pulled Ness into her room where they were ambushed then buried alive in the graveyard. They were probabbly unconscious for a few hours before they awoke and Paula made the psychic call to Jeff. Now, I'm not sure where Winters is placed from Threed, but it must be from the North West if you assume that up is North, right West, and so on. According to one guy in Onett near town hall, that's true so I guess Winters is North West from Threed. It was night time when Paula made the psychic call, and it was way early in the morning in Winters. Ness and Paula had to wait quite a while in the graveyard becasue Jeff made two rest stops before leaving Winters so I believe they had to spend the night in the grave. (Whew, that was a long one!)

Day 5: Jeff goes to Threed to going to placing Zombie Paper in the tent.

Reasoning: It was very early in the morning in Winters when Paula woke Jeff up. He left the school when it was still dark out. After traveling South to the Northern edge of Lake Tess, Jeff spent a few hours napping in the cook's tent. He was probabbly very tired and not used to waking up so early. When he awoke, the sun had come out and a wind was blowing. He and the Bubble Monkey then crossed the Lake on Tessie and made it to Brick Road's dungeon. When they finally made it out, Brick Road offered them a place to rest. Jeff took a second nap. After that, he and the Bubble Monkey made it through the final cave where Shroom! lives to Stonehenge. It was just a short walk to the lab, where after a short chat with his father, Jeff took the Sky Runner to save Ness and Paula. So, after napping a few times, making the long journey to the lab, flying to Threed, andthen crashing into the graveyard, Jeff finally was able to save his new friends. It must have been nearly night time by then. Once they left the graveyard with the help of the Bad Key Machine, the three discovered the Boogie Tent, defeated it, got the Fly Honey, recieved the Zombie Paper from Apple Kid via Mach Pizza, placed it in the tent, and then went to sleep to wait for the zombies to leave the secret tunnel entrance.

Day 6: Check on the zombies to beat Trillionage Sprout. Reasoning: In the morning, Ness, Paula, and Jeff left the hotel to see if the Zombie Paper worked. It did, and beautifully. The two guard zombies left the secret tunnel entrance. They decided to go and finally defeat the source of the zombies, Master Belch. After traveling through the cave and beating the slimy little pile, and getting possesed twelve times over and poisoned, the three found the small civilization of Saturn Valley. They were healed by Dr. Saturn and then learned of the secret "wait three minutes" password to enter Belch's Base. They waited three minutes, killed some more slime and Foppies, before beating Belch who was engrossed in his Fly Honey. After leaving the base, and cleaning up in the springs, the three had enough energy to fight Trillionage Sprout for the third part of the melody. After that they spend the night in the Saturn Valley hotel. So, now the town of Threed is back to normal and the three have a welcoming party waiting for them when they pass through the happy little town on day seven.

Day 7: Return to Threed to see Runaway 5 show in Fourside. Reasoning: Once they got back to Threed, they decided to take the busses taht could finally run to Fourside, but the traffic jam stopped them. They got out and traveled through the hot desert where they met the miners. They fed them, and were promised any of the gold found there. The mine still needed a days worth of digging before they could look for gold, or diamonds...So, the three made it to Fourside where they learned that Pokey was Monotoli's right hand man, and that the Runaway 5 had a new problem. The three tried to think of a way to help and realized that they could use the gold that the miners dug up. So, they went to sleep while the miners were finishing the digging and planned to visit tommorow to get soem gold, or diamonds...

Day 8: Visit the mines to defeat the Mani Mani statue in Moonside. Reasoning: The next morning, the three went to the mine where they found a crowd and a much larger dig site. They went inside and learned of the moles that were terrorizing the miners. Ness and his friends defeated the Moles, and left so the search for gold could begin. While they were returning to their hotel, the miners retuned and with a DIAMOND!!! Ness gladly took it and used it to pay off the Runaway 5's debt and hear one of the most memorable lines from the game. After that, they heard about the re-opening of the Department Store and decided to go and get reequipped. But once they decided to leave, the lights went off, Paula was kidnapped, and inanimate objects began to attack. Ness and Jeff journied to the manager's office where they found a Mook. Paula wasn't there however. The Mook told them that Monotoli had her. Ness and Jeff made mincemeat out of the Mook and then left the store. They heard a rumor about Monotoli visiting Jackie's Café. They went to see if he was there, but he wasn't. When they left the café; however, they found a crowd surrounding the dying body of Everdred. Apparantly, Monotoli stole the Mani Mani statue that he stole from Carpainter and was done in by Monotoli's buff guards. Before he left, Everdred told Ness that something special was behind the counter of the café. Ness went to check it out and he and Jeff found themselves in a neon world called Moonside. They spent a little while getting warper around before they met the invisible, one toothed, unibrowed man and fought the Mani Mani. Once it was destroyed, the two awoke in the store room of Jackie's Café where a mouse told them that they were wondering around for hours with a dazed look in their eyes. So, I'm assuming that while they were in Moonside, Ness and Jeff hallucinated through the night, but were pretty well rested.

Day 9: Monkey Caves to Summers Reasoning: As soon as they left the café, Ness and Jeff were called by Apple Kid about the new Trout Yogurt Machine he mailed the, the Escargo Express man who dropped the machine in the Monkey Caves of the desert, and Electra, Pokey's maid who is looking for a Trout Yogurt machine an will give you access to the top floor of the Monotoli building for the machine. Seeing this as their chance to get to Monotoli, Ness and Jeff go through a long ordeal of trading stuff with the monkeys to get to Talah Rama who gives Ness some advice, the yogurt machine, and orders a monkey to teach Ness how to teleport. After mastering Teleport a, Ness and Jeff give Electra the yogurt machine, and go to the top floor where they fight man yrobots including the Clumsy Robot. The battle is hard until Lucky from the Runaway 5 barges in and unplugs the robot. Once the battle is over, they storm the office, and rescue Paula. They discover that Monotoli wasn't bad, and that it was the Mani Mani statue's illusion that possesed him. He offers them the Helicopter after Paula discovers that they need to get to Summers. Pokey steals the helicopter ;however. Paula then says that in Threed they'll find a way to Summers. They do; a few guys repaired the Sky Runner, and Jeff puts a few final adjustments on it. They fly to Winters to get it repaired even further by Dr. A and get the fourth melody in the mean time. When they return, they fly to Summers and crash a final time on the beach. So, after such a long day, they decide to rest.

Day 10: Magic Cake to Pink Cloud. Reasoning: After resting the at the overly expensive hotel, the three walk around town and hear about the Stoic Club. They go over and find out about the Magic Cake a woman there makes. Ness samples some, and passes out. In his dream, he sees Poo, a real prince, finish his Mu training and teleport over to Ness to aid them on their journey. He just so happens to hold a small gem that a man in the the Summers Museum takes to let them see the ancient Heiroglyphs there. When they leave the museum, they overhear a phone call from Mr. Spoon at the Fourside Museum. He says that there is a Giant Rat beneath the Museum there. The four realize that it could be a sanctuary boss and go off the fight it. They do and get the fifth melody. After that, they get the Carrot Key, and Poo tells the others that it will unlock the entrance to the sixth sanctuary in Dalaam, his country, called Pink Cliud. They teleport there, beat the bosses, get melody part #6 and then spend the night at the palace. SO, now our heroes have six out eight parts of the melody and it's only been about ten days.

Day 11: Boat ride to Scaraba to first floor of Dungeon Man. Reasoning: (I'll try to make this short) Ness hears about the captain from the woman who sold him the cake. They pay the captain and ride to Scaraba. They defeat the Kraken on the way. They get to Scaraba and go through the pyramid to the southern island. While in the pyramid they get the Hawk Eye. When they leave the pyramid, Star Master takes Poo to learn PSI Starstorm. The three find Dungeon Man and decide to rest on the benches after the long hot journey. So, (I have nothing to say here. B01nG!!)

Day 12: Meet Brick Road to Tenda Village. Reasoning: After resting, they make it to the head where they find Brick Road. He travels with them to the southern edge of the island where Dungeon Man gets stuck. The three get out and learn that the only way across the ocean to Deep Darkness is with a submarine. Dungeon Man just so happens to have a sub. Jeff repairs it and by the time they arrive to Deep Darkness, it should be the afternoon. They trek through the swamp and light the way with the Hawk Eye. They eventually get into a battle with Belch, now Master Barf. He is much stronger and the battle looks to be getting grim, whe nall of a sudden, Poo appears from the sky using his new power Starstorm, that (thanks to that full day of training he had) defeats Barf. They trudge through a little more swamp before they arrive in Tenda Village. So, after their tough battle and training, they decide to rest in the shy village.

Day 13: Recieve call from Orange and Apple Kid to give the book to Chief Tenda. Reasoning: The four need to travel to the Lost Underworld to get the last two parts of hte melody, but the entrance is sealed off by a huge rock. One of the Tendas is strong enough to do it, but he's too shy and modest to show off, so Ness decides to step of the village for a minute to come up with a plan. When he does, both Apple and Orange Kid call about the Book of Overcoming Shyness. Ness asks for the book, but Applekid is kidnapped before he can answer. He was in Winters, so they teleport to the lab and find that Apple Kid was taken to an underground base beneath Stone Henge. The chsoen four bust in and start breaking Starmen heads all over. They finally find all of the kidnapped people, including A.K. and beat Starman DX to save them. Apple Kid tells them that the Book is in the Onett library. Ness gets it and gives it to the chief of Tenda Village, who isn't shy, and he begins to read the book. So, while the Tendas are becoming more sociable, the chosen floor rest after their tough battles.

Day 14: Move rock to Tenda Village in Lost Underworld. Reasoning: The strong Tenda is finally brave enough to show off. He lifts the rock and opens the passage to the Lost Underworld. On the way there, they beat Electro Specter and get the seventh part of the melody from Lumine Hall. After that, they plunge into the Lost Underworld and make the long journey to the Tenda Village there where they spend the night. So, after fourteen days, the four are one melody away!

Day 15: Beat Carbon/Diamond Dog to retrieve Zexonyte. Reasoning: After resting, the chosen four are anxious to get the final part of the melody. They travel for an hour or two to the cave of Fire Springs, and fight the long battle with Carbon and Diamond Dog. Once the melody is complete, Ness passes out and goes to Magiciant. The whole thing probabbly took an few hours. Once Ness awoke, they went to Saturn Valley where the Phase Distorter was waiting. They hopped in, eager to begin the final battle, but the machine didn't work. It turns out that they needed a rare element known as Zexonyte found only in meteorites. So, the chosen four go to Onett to find some zexonyte. It's night time already and the town is under attack. After fighting their way to the meteorite, they retrieve the zexonyte and return to Saturn Valley. The final battle will take place the next day after they rest up.

Day 16: Travel to the beginning of time to fight Giygas to return home from adventure. Reasoning: After a good, long sleep, the four are ready for battle. They first travel to the Lost Underworld, then they undergo an operation to become robots so they can survive the journey through time. They go to the cave where Giygas is waiting and begin the final battle. The prayers from the people of Earth are channeled by Paula and used to attack Giygas. He dies and the souls of the chosen four travel back to 199x where their unconscious bodies are waiting. In all actuality, the final battle, to the people in 199x, should ave taken just a few seconds. It took time for the souls to return. Once they were revived. The chosen four went heir seperate ways.

So, Ness' adventure took approximately sixteen days. That's only three weeks and a day of school. Some people miss more than that with illness or operations, or vacations, or whatever. Plus, Ness saved the world and I think that'll give him a little leeway...

Thank you for reading this article. It took a small amount of thought, but a an hour of typing. Please email me if you like it or PM me on the boards or something.

Day 17: Wake up at the annoying knock to ???

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