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What's Behind Earthbound? - by mr. PSI

What's Behind Earthbound?

First off, I would like to say that this is my first article*. So be leanient when your throwing fruit at me. This is part of a series of articles that will be an outline of all the more complicated things behind our beloved game. I warn you, if you have trouble comprehending complex concepts (the 3 c's, heheh), then please leave now, because your brain might explode if you read any further. To start off, this article in particular is about the rather complex dimensional theories that are present in Earthbound. I have not received any formal education concerning this topic yet I know conciderably alot, so if I make a mistake, please tell me. *phew*

This first theory is mostly comprised from information in the Seth books by Jane Roberts. This theory states that there are many dimensions and layers to the universe. It continues to say that every person has a soul, that soul comprises of an inner ego and an outer ego. Those two egos are controlled by the persons "personality", or the higher level of self. That personality resides in a dimension that the beings that live there (which are normal people, only after they die many many times) have control over their environment, so to speak. Instead of villages or towns, they live in an area that changes with thier mood and/or desires. Their physical appearance also changes with their mood and/or desire. Yet, this is not at all different from our world. If you've heard of the Little Train That Could (no doubt you have), then that is kind of what it is like, let me explain. In this world, it changes (not physically) due to your perception of it. If you walk into a room, and it feels cramp all of a sudden, thats due to your feelings toward the room, such as if you felt cramp but then to the attitude that it was huge, you'de feel that it was huge, even if the physical shape didn't change. This is a tough concept to explain, so I hope you understood it all. If not, read the book Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts, it will explain more.

So, your probably asking: What does this have to do with Earthbound? Well, it has alot to do with it. Remember in Magicant, whenever Ness talks to someone, they offer him a memory, which brought up feelings in him, which in turn changed the color of Magicant because it is all in Ness's mind.

This article alone may not seem like much, but it serves as a base to tie in other theories such as time travel and psychic abilities with Earthbound because this really introduces multi-dimensions. Those other theories will involve the game more than this particular one. In a future article, I will explain simultanious dimensions/lives to a certain extreme. If this article gets enough responses (or any response at all), I will continue the series. I would also like to say that you really don't need to know everything in the second paragraph, just have a basic understanding of it, especially the first half of it.

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