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What's Behind Earthbound? Part 2 - by mr. PSI

What's Behind Earthbound? Part 2

Due to the several emails I have gotten that supported (or complained about how it hurt their brain) my previous article in this series, I have decided to continue it right now. For the first article in this series, please refer to the "What's Behind Earthbound?" article under the M's in the article section. Now that that's done, on to the article. Todays article is about time travel in Earthbound. In my first article I introduced multi-dimensions, which will come into play alot here.

Now first, you must understand that time as we know it is linear, right? One moment comes after the other. But in the larger picture, this is a very distortated concept on time. In reality, time isn't linear at all, but consists of every single moment in all time happening at once or to be put in another way, these moments are kind-of like files in an archive, they all can be accessed at any time but only one at a time. This is a very simplified explanation, so it may not make a whole lot of sense. Think of it this way, you and everyone you know are currently existing in one moment in time, then the next second, you are in another. But you are always living one moment behind another, and always ahead of another. Now in every other moment you exist as you did or would.

Each one of these moments are a "dimension" in and of themselves, but not like the more complex dimensions I spoke of in the first article. They're kind-of like mini-dimensions. Now, these moments or mini-dimensions are easily traveled across, for example: Deja-vu and clairvoyance (a form of telepathy, which I'll explain in a later article), you've probably done so at some point in your life. It's difficult to even comprehend how complex these dimensions work this way, but it would be similar to "skipping" across the moments.

Ness and Co. had their souls put into robots, and were sent back in time by traveling across these moments (using the same method people get Deja-vu and use their clairvoyance). They didn't actully have to have physical bodies in order to fight Giygas in the past let alone time travel. But I don't think they had the level of discipline that would be needed to do that. So that's why Dr. Andonuts built robot bodies since for some strange twist of logic he thought their bodies would be detroyed.

Lastly, I'm guessing Giygas was trapped in the devils machine in the past since he could easily go to any time at all since his true form is basically energy. He could do this for the same reason our heros could travel back in time.

I wish I could have explained more in this article, but if I again get enough emails supporting it, I'll continue. I still have Psychic abilities (both telekenesis and telepathy) to explain.

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