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Stupidity... - by Whilly-D


Stupidity can describe many things. My dog, your next-door neighbor, or maybe even you. But would calling American gamers as a whole stupid %100 true? I know that Nintendo burned us with Mother 3. I also know that there is rumor that a new Mother may be released. Maybe even the first two, but at this moment its besides the point.

In the past, games have not come to America because Americans as a whole were deemed too dumb for them. A good example of this was "Super Mario: The Lost Levels" as seen on "Super Mario All Stars." The game we got as Super Mario 2 wasn't even supposed to be a Mario game. It was something about a magical dream factory. But the game was easy, and stunk. The "Lost Levels" game was the REAL sequel to Mario for NES.

But why? Why has NOJ stereotyped us as dumb? That may be the reason that Mother was never released. This is my opinion. I would bet that Nintendo thought that we were wee-lil-not smart people. I have played through Earthbound and Mother, and Mother is by far the harder of the two.

What do you think?

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