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The Hint Man Can - by xfisjmg1

The Hint Man Can

The Hint Man. He is in the game, but do people ever use him? I'd say only about 5% of the people that own Earthbound use the Hint Man on a regular basis. And why do they do this? It's very simple once you think about it.

I received Earthbound as a gift for Christmas in 1995. And I played the game 1 hour every night before I went to bed. Yes, those were the days... But, I never had to use the Hint Man. The player's guide was always there to guide me.

So if you are not using the Hint Man, there are either two things going on. One, you have a player's guide and are using that, or two, you've played the game enough to know everything and do not need him. And you got to that point by first using the player's guide.

So I am asking the Earthbound newbies, when you start that new file, put the book away. Don't post on the forum for help. Go to the guy that is often overlooked, the Hint Man. It's too late for veterans that know exactly where to go, but it's not too late for you. Make your Earthbound experience even better. Peace Out, and may the HINT be with you.

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