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The Challenge of EarthBound - by rosch_ex

The Challenge of EarthBound

Yeah, it's me again, rosch. It has been over well 4 months since my last article, and I have been neglecting Ultimoo's quota for quite some time now. So I heated some left over chilli, disconnected from my beloved Internet, and sat down and began to type this article.

You may be asking what this article is all about. Well, I decided to write about the true challenge of EarthBound. To begin let me start off about one special item you recieve. A Pair of Dirty Socks. One of the items you recieve that you can never get again.

Let's take these Dirty Socks and put them in the washer for now. So how do you first get the Dirty Socks? Well you have to return the Contacts to the man who lives on the second floor of the Baker in Fourside. He in return gives you the Pair of Dirty Socks. We've ebstablished that. Now have you ever used it? Do you just call Escargo Express and store it for that moment when you might need a Pair of Dirty Socks? Most of us don't use the item at all.

The reason I believe, is that even though EarthBound offers alot of challenge, we majoirty, or on a high level, or at least a moderate one. We have enough cash for equipment, hotel stays, and those expensive items. There is always a new spell we can always rely on with lots of PP and HP for all our characters.

That is why. There is never any true challenge. There is no actual point where your working against a time limit, for example, you have a Cold and No PP left to cure it and your at least a long ways walk to a Hotel or Hospital. There is never any time where you go all-out, using each and every item, PSI, and attack, to defeat a common enemy.

I think that to truly say you've beaten EarthBound, is to have died more then once or twice, have a near zero bank account, and below-par equipment. To have the final challenge is to beat breeze through the game without stopping to raise your levels, or search for that "special item."

EarthBound was made by Shigesato Itoi, and by his work you know he makes very awesome RPG. EarthBound should, by definition, be a challenge for all both new and experienced.

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