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FutureBound - by reidman


Just imagine what things could be like a year from now on the EB scene

-Assuming that the "chicken littles" haven't convinced everyone that the world ends on Jan 1 2000, we should be playing EB64 well into the next millenium. Of course, there always IS the G2K problem: Giygas 2000. Giygas is supposed to invade earth in the year 199x, so he�s got until Dec. 31 to show his ugly face. At about the same time Giygas shows up, the number of bats and frying pans sold across the country spikes sharply. Strange coincidence.

-EarthBound.Net will become an affiliate with IGN, or some equally cool online network, and not have to worry about members sending donations and payments anymore! Woo hoo, free webspace and POP e-mails for all!

-Taco Bell will pick up advertising for EB. The next commercial? Chihuahuas with red hats and baseball bats, saying ¿Ok desu ka� or something.

-EarthBound cartridges will become worth their weight in gold, because millions of people from across the world will insist on finding out what kind of incredible game could possibly be the precursor to EarthBound 64. And, always resourceful, we at EB.Net will finally reveal our armored truck filled will the precious cartridges. We�ll drive from state to state, giving the cartridges to needy families who can sell them for millions of dollars. Of course, I will be driving this EB Mobile, because it will be a spiffed up version of my car (inside joke, heheh)

-George Lucas takes up EarthBound's cause and crosses Episode 2 with EarthBound; Obi Wan Kenobe is suddenly replaced with a more sinister character by the name of Obi Wan Pokey. Star Wars and EB fans across the country revolt.

-Tomato and I find people to run the entire site for us flawlessly, so we can go back to doing what we REALLY enjoy playing EarthBound :)

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reidman the_night_before_christmas
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reidman This game's winner is... Ness!
This game's winner is... Ness! video
2/11/05 0.00
reidman Threed (Infested with Zombies)
Threed theme when infested with zombies
2/10/05 0.00


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