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Selling Your Copy of Earthbound - The Side Effects - by RaSeb

Selling Your Copy of Earthbound - The Side Effects

It was a very cold night. The house was filled with darkness. Inside the smallest room of this house was sleeping Matt. Matt is a 14 years old boy. He is dreaming. In his dream the air is filled with tension. Matt wakes up. He is feeling dizzy. His chest is shacking. He still cannot realise what he did. Earlier that week, Matt sold his Earthbound cartridge.

Matt was realising that he might never play Earthbound again since he sold the only Earthbound cartridge of his small village. Because he only has a 386 computer, he cannot play the rom either. Matt is sad. He cannot believe what he just did. He thinks of all the wonderful memories the game gave him. He remembers Summers, he always wanted to see a beach at least once in his life.

This article is going to explain why most of us who gave away their copy of Earthbound felt some deep pain. This game created some very emotional bounds with some people who played it. First, since you name your own characters, it is easier to associate yourself with them. Then, the story takes place in the present. This is a major factor because there is not a lot of RPG�s that take place in towns you can associate with your own. Also, the story: who can pretend he never dreamed of visiting the world, being free of doing things on our own, having a father who keeps giving us money or: Saving the world! For the real fans, Earthbound becomes a part of them forever. The joy of those fans when they read the sign in Fourside stating: "Planning meeting for Earthbound 2" ... The way they anxiously waited for EB64... And we shouldn�t neglect to add the fact that giving away something we love is never easy.

What I said can easily be proven because it is related to the emotions. Any "real" Earthbounder will tell you that they feel nothing but pure love for that particular game. The game helped a lot of people going thru rough times. You can read my first article (Earthbound as a pain reliever) to understand. It also created a lot of friendship (and some hate because of some lam0rz), the EB community is the perfect example.

To conclude this article I will add that if you have a copy of Earthbound, stick to it. After I gave mine away, it took me two years to find another one. Earthbound is a treasure to cherish and protect. It is one of the few videogames with a true philosophy.

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