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The Force of EarthBound - by Ultimoo

The Force of EarthBound

In case some of you didn't notice, (which you probably all didn't) I for certain reasons went AWOL last night on my article. The certain reasons involved light sabers, brave cosmic knights, and everything else that goes along with the greatest modern mythology of our time. On the other hand, something you may have noticed was the update yesterday in which the webmasters suggested an article be written about Star Wars and how it ties-in to the greatest modern-set RPG of our time. And me being the article guy and all, well you get the idea. Much like the incompetent harsh critics of EarthBound, the incompetent harsh critics of Episode 1 displayed their incompetence by incompetently commenting on the most minor flaws.

"These graphics are horrible!!"
--overweight 3D shooter gamer.

"There was action, but there wasn't enough action"
--geezer movie critic with a massive mustache and afro.

Ultimoo has recently received a flame-proof e-mail account on so don't waste your time blasting me for the following ideas. Episode 1 is at the most meager plot outline, somewhat similar to Mother 1. A very young, elementary school age boy uses extraordinary psychokinetic powers to have a massive positive impact on the world around him. Of course the two worlds are completely different and have just about nothing in common. And also Mother 1 didn't have the advantage of about two years of massive hyping, and a worldwide release. Alright so I'll admit that Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace was a higher quality work of visual literature than Mother 1, but that doesn't so much deter my concept of similar plots.

Nonetheless, I did not camp out three weeks before hand to acqure tickets, but you bet I'll be camping out in my van in the parking lot of the mall the night before EarthBound 64. Anyway, if you haven't seen the movie yet, make every effort within sanity to go see it. It's an experience that was well deserved of it's "cultural-event-of-the-decade" level of hype. Too bad Nintendo isn't so diligent as to efficiently produce EarthBound 64 and hype it to a level that will benefit both the company and the fans. What a loosely written article. Next article will be yet another concerning the future of EarthBound, how (get this) it does not lie ONLY in EarthBound 64. Stay tuned.

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