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The Future is Soon Pt. II - by Ultimoo

The Future is Soon Pt. II

I don't know if I said this before, but it is my belief that the next couple of years will mean do or die for the existence of the Mother series in America. Countless articles, a considerable amount by myself, have been directed towards the future of EarthBound. Maybe it's just another phase of hype, I don't know. However, if anyone doesn't know this yet, Mother has a strong possibility of being released on Game Boy Color. Should EarthBound return to America in the form of both the prequel, and the sequel.....Well, that makes for the really tricky part. As far as we know for facts, the fate of EarthBound in America could very well go either way. There is still, after a ridiculous span of time, only whispers and rumors binding the series to the US.

And as far as I'm as an American fan site of the series, can only last so much longer than the series itself. Many despise my commentary on this, but regardless of the quality of the game, Final Fantasy VII is the reason for the booming RPG genre of video gaming in America. If Nintendo would just realize how much potential there is between the already massive RPG market, and their own monstrous advertising abilities, than there would be nothing to it. I honestly do not know what they're waiting for. In my last article, I may or may not have said "the time is now" for EarthBound 64 to be released in the US. Regardless, I do know that I did indeed imply in the last article that it only makes sense for them to release the game on the N64 in America.

The possibility of Mother on Game Boy Color only reinforces this idea. Speaking of which, another huge RPG series that has experienced a lengthy hiatus from American soil is the fabled Dragon Quest series, by Akira Toriyama and Yuji Horii. This series is considered by many to be the first true console RPG series. Of course, it hasn't gone under the American name Dragon Warrior since the late days of NES. Apparently, due to the boom of Pokemon, Enix (the developer of the Dragon Quest series) plans on releasing their own DQ Monsters in the US, in addition the original two Dragon Quest games on GBC. Should these two titles do good, Dragon Quest VII for PSX is a shoe-in for the American RPG market. Despite Nintendo's unstable relationship with American release dates, there's no reason why we shouldn't see EarthBound back in America before long.

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