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Another Ultimoo brainstorm anyone? I was in the #earthbound IRC chat last night (which by the way will receive a massive Op-Bot makeover complete with registration), and I took a look at all the incoherent babbling the staff was engaging in, myself included. So Ultimoo started to think of the new Star Wars movie and how he can't get tickets for opening day and how if he did get tickets there's a slim chance it would be during school and if it was during school his parents wouldn't let him go and then....Okay nevermind. I forgot I said this was an Ultimoo brainstorm and not an Ultimoo gripestorm. So then, back to the chat, I was surprised to see that with the exception of the usual begging for ops and mafia-related deals being made to acquire ops, there was no argument.

Well at least there wasn't a near nuclear war like the one over the opinion of professional wrestling between me and RetroHipE last week, which led to an ego meltdown of myself. I apologize for the straddling between referring to myself in the first person and the third person. I'll find a niche by the end of the article. From what I've heard, there was a massive dispute the other night, regarding religion. You know who you are. You seem to have a great personality, but if what I heard that you said the other night about Christians is true, than you are the most incompetent hypocrytic buffoon I have ever come to cross. I only regret that you can only speak your mind online. Cause I know that if anybody said that to me offline, I would relentlessly beat all seven shades of c**p out of 'em before I could blink twice.

I'm not exactly the most religious person, in fact I'm not that religious at all. But nonetheless, I am Christian. My parents are Christian. My brother is Christian. My best friend is Christian. My best friend's entire family is also Christian. Cutting to the chase, that's why we need Super Smash I figured maybe the entire EarthBound Movement could get 3D N64 makeovers. Then we have multiplayer battles in stages such as Onett, Fourside, and of course, Saturn Valley (which by the way was beautifully represented in the recent fan art contribution by Nathan). Don't forget the colorful assortment of weapons. Bats, frying pans, ray guns, swords....oh wait, I think those are all in regular Super Smash Bros. anyway. Ho hum gwarg. That would be awesome. Looks like next article will have to be an explanation of one of my previous articles "The Mother Connection," which I obviously did not explain my opinion well enough in. Any ideas for a title??

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