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Ruffini Dissected - by Skulryk

Ruffini Dissected

Well, a bunch of people already know that whoever included their e-mails got a reply from Project Ruffini. Well, I decided to dissect the generic reply. Sure, it's filled with the common plugs for Nintendo and NP, but at least it had some information.

Well, we have the nice I'm getting paid for this, and I couldn't care less about you! welcome. (( Hello, there! Thanks for your recent letter. It's always a pleasure being of assistance to Nintendo fans!))

(( It's so great that there is already such a large group eagerly awaiting the release of EarthBound 64.))

Large group? Maybe more people were in Project Ruffini than we thought... or maybe they found us out. Either way... They know about EB.Net (especially cuz I include the starman banner ^_^)

(( I have seen the screen shots and agree that they are awesome.))

Blah Blah... Blah Blah... Blah Blah... And its always you kids who start petitions and making big deals of things who... blah blah... blahblah... blah blah... (C'mon, ya know what I'm talkin about.;)

(( Well, Ruffini the Dog is happy to report that the game will indeed be making its way stateside in the near future.))

Well, we know it's coming to the states. Ruffini said so himself. And Ruffini don't lie.

((The game is still in development, however, so we don't have a specific date for its release, yet.))

Ok, this gives some info. I just wanna say this: STOP ATTACKING NINTENDO FOR NOT RELEASING EB64! It's not released in Japan yet. It's getting released in Japan in May 2000. So calm down. Also: Itoi is notorious for being a perfectionist. He MUST capture the element of the game perfectly. He did it with Mother 2 (which I heard went extensive delays, we just didn't notice it) and it came out... perfect. So calm down and wait.

((I can assureyou that when the game is closer to being released, you will see it featured either on our web site ( or in Nintendo Power magazine first.))

Nintendo's all too familiar plugging.

((You also asked about EarthBound for the Game Boy Color. I haven' theard of any plans right now to produce EarthBound on the Game Boy, but I always enjoy hearing about the products in which our fans are interested.))

The wonderful Your idea gets to be flushed down the toilet response...

How come ya never said anything about our petition?

((Nintendo and its licensee companies are always busy designing games, so it's possible that it could be released sometime in the future.))

But it don't need to be designed... ::sigh::

((As for Shaq-Fu and Beethoven, I can't explain the reasoning behind their creation other than to say that someone at the companies where they were published thought they would be big sellers.))

I have NO idea what this is about... I'm confused.

((BTW, for future reference, please feel free to Email us with your questions and/or concerns. Please note, however, that we are unable to providegame play assistance or codes via Email.))

Common Nintendo ending... maybe I'll take 'em up on it though.

((I hope this helps and Play it Loud!!))

Now THIS is interesting... Play it Loud? Maybe one of Nintendo's old mottos... Sure beats GET N OR GET OUTTTTT

Well, that's my disecction of the Project Ruffini response. Here's an article to help's article fanfiction artwork comic etc. less period. E-mail me at [email protected] for yer own thoughts. Maybe I write more articles... hmm....

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