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Ness in Mother 3 - by Skulryk

Ness in Mother 3

Ok, I've explained this theory on the Mother 3 message board a couple of times, and now I'm finally gonna write an article about it.

First of all, the Pig King or whatever it is probably going to be Pokey. People are saying Ness won't be in it because of Flint, Ryuka, Kraus, Boney? Well, remember in old interviews where Itoi said that it would be split into chapters? I'm sure we were all confused with that. But now I think that the chapters were a lot like when you went to winters with Jeff, or went to Dalaam with Poo. It will be a lot like that, on a larger scale.

Remember when we played Earthbound for the first time? Pokey, Picky, and Buzz-Buzz joined our party. We might think that they were gonna be in our party forever if we had only gotten that far. Or we might think Pippi was in our party forever in Mother 1. Basically, it might work like this (just guess here, not a direct prediction)

Flint, Ryuka, Kraus, and Boney go on an adventure. One of them moves on (I'll just say it'll be Ryuka.) Ryuka moves along for a while (alone) and meets up with Ness and some of his friends. Theyt move on and get trapped (like threed,) make a psychic call to someone, and get new character (Jeff?) Ok, you can see the plot is now going Earthbound. It's gonna be different, for sure, but this just shows how it intertwines. Eventually, people will come, leave, and 4 (?) people will defeat Pokey and his minions.

Ok, you're probably sick of listening to me, so I'll end it. I'm NOT saying the storyline will go like that, I'm just saying that there are ways for Ness to tie into the story. And if you got questions, e-mail me.

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