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The Horror - by ozwalled

The Horror

Every once in a while, things amaze me. Take today, for instance: I was looking at the current poll results (so far) and found out that over 30 people had already said that they would not be participating in PK Call 'N.

*NOTE: Remember that if you're in North America (and maybe if you're outside of it, too... I have no idea) this will be a FREE CALL! FREE! And it probably won't even take all that long to do. A lot of people have been reporting waits of only about five minutes.

Anyway, I'm not saying that the majority of those people haven't got a good excuse. I'm sure some do (the best ones I can think of s being at work during all open phone hours during the seven day stretch, or that you live outside of North America and it turns out the call, though free for North Americans, would cost you... but I'm sure there's got to be others) and that's fine. But for those who don't have an "excuse" as to why they're not calling, why wouldn't you? Please don't take this as an attack, because I don't want it to sound like one, but why?

I ask, because I really do feel that this is a great, great idea. One of the thoughts I've come across is something along the lines of "I don't really care if Mother 1+2 get imported: I want Mother 3!". I've seen that kind of remark at least a couple of times in the forums, but I've (thankfully) also seen the very, VERY important counterpoint: that if Mother 1+2 DON'T make it to North America, chances of Mother 3 making it are very, very slim. As has also been pointed out in the forums, more than anything, Nintendo, like any big company, is concerned chiefly with making money. Lots of money. So you know what that adds up to? If not, let me spell it out for you:

If we DON'T get Mother 1+2 in North America, there won't be any actual North American sales (save for imports). If there are no North American sales, Nintendo's not making money off Mother 1+2 in North America. And if Nintendo isn't making money off of Mother 1+2 in North America, then really, it would appear to them to be an awfully risky venture to try to sell a third part of a series that they're not sure anyone's ever heard of before or even wants to play.

Thus, we're basically left where we are now. How to change that? How could we possibly have them understand that there IS an interest for the Mother series to re-emerge in North America?.... Hm. Call me crazy, but maybe letting them know might help!

Okay, so you may be saying to yourself "one extra call won't make a difference". Maybe, maybe not. But if each of those 30 people do, it will make SOME difference, at least. Want a real life example? Just so happens I have one for ya'. A friend and former roommate of mine a while back got the notion one day to do a little musical act for a laugh one Halloween night. It was good fun for him and those who saw him. Some party function came along and someone who'd been with him at Halloween asked him to do the same routine he'd dished out on Halloween, so he did, and had fun. Anyway, the same thing happened another few times, and sooner than later, he was actually being booked at music gigs around the (small) city, through word of mouth and a good deal of self-promotion on his part. He whipped himself up a website and with some friends, put together an album and a couple videos. He did a lot on his own, but what's really boosted him higher and higher up the popularity ladder has been a devoted group of fans and friends that have been doing things like phoning and e-mailing in requests for his songs and videos, and voting for him in online award polls. Long story short is that he's been seen on both of Canada's top music stations (MuchMusic and MusiquePlus) AND he was nominated for a major Canadian music award this year. He's achieved all of that, and barely anyone, save a devoted group of people who follow his stuff, even know who he is (if you happen to care about what I just said or want to know anything about the guy I was talking about, OR want to see a hilarious little video, send me an e-mail asking about him and I'll pass you along his web address).

Even though this situation is different in a lot of respects, I'm sure it shouldn't take too many leaps in logic to see the striking similarities, here. The point to take home, though, is that voices get noticed -- but you can't just expect to have them work if too many people take on the attitude of "oh, everyone else'll do it".

Since you already stop by this site, one assumes that you're interested in EarthBound/ Mother (or at least Super Smash Brothers). Even if you're not super-interested in playing the first two games of the series, quite possibly again, wouldn't you LIKE to play an EarthBound sequel? I know that I would. I really, really would. I don't have a Game Boy Advance yet, but if they confirm a North American release, I'll be rushing out to get one lickety-split, that's fer' sure!

I'm not saying you have to call. I'm not trying to say that those who did or will are somehow better than those who won't be calling. I'm not trying to put you down if you don't want to. All I'm trying to do is stress the potential importance your call can have and the difference it might make, as well as give you some good reasons to call that you may not have considered. Maybe, just maybe, your call will push the call number over 200. Maybe it'll push it over the 300 mark. Who knows. But this isn't like voting for president or something: your voice DOES make a difference. =) So use it -- speak up and be heard. Please?

If you want, that is. No pressure.

I'll stop now. But if you DO have a great excuse for not calling, I understand.

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