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Earthbound: A way of life? - by DarthBelch

Earthbound: A way of life?

Is it? For me and a bunch of us Earthbounders, it is. After playing Earthboud, you dont look at the world the same way. You dont look at your girlfriend as a girlfrend, you see her as Paula. You dont see New York City, you see Fourside.

I can bet you my soul that after you played Earthbound, your life changed somewhat and some way. For example, i was never interested in writing. After Earthbound came out (and after i found our (not Buzz Buzz's) old i wrote a nice bunch of Fan Fics (look for them! Sorry for the plug-in). Now i look at writing a different way.

Amoungst my friends, we have nicknames. One is called Chaz, another is called Horsey. Yea, mine is called Ness. And i nick-named my friend Pokey (he freakishly resembles him). Now how often do you get so obsessed with a game, that you nick-name yourself after video game characters.

Those 2 examples just prove that Earthbound can and is a way of life. I dont know about you, but i dont think Earthbound is a way of life. I KNOW it is.

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