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Ness in the Final Starman? - by DarthBelch

Ness in the Final Starman?

Have you taken a good look? I mean take a good look at the cartridge of the Earthbound game. Youll see that the Final Starman's visor (eye peice) has an image of Ness in it. Ok forget it, i know alot of you seen it......

But Why? Here. Now when i first noticed, i thought that Ness was actually INSIDE the F-Starman. No, no, no. Thats wrong because I dont beileve that the F-Starman is too small (F-Starman is a size 20, Ness takes a size 32). Sorry, i couldnt resist that......Unless, that could be false because we dont know the actual size of the F-Starman. For all we know, it could be as small as an ant or a big as Vegeta's ego.

Heres the most reasonable. Its just a reflection. Yea, Ness is fending off against a F-Starman, and the starman is staring Ness down. Or maybe Mr Ioti just left it hat way, so we can saw our heads off.

So, I came to one conclusion. Its a relfection. I said it once, and ill say it again, the Starman is too small for Ness to fit inside.If it was,that would be pretty freaky! I KNOW it is.

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