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Falcon24 - by SimonBob


Falcon24 told me to write an article about him. Because we're so dry on articles right now. So... here goes.

Falcon24 is the Article Man. He does everything an Article can. He used to run the flukes, but then he switched jobs with Jeb2. The way it used to work is there would be plenty of flukes but no articles, but now it's the other way around 'cuz Jeb2 runs flukes.

Falcon24 occasionally shows up on the forums, and in #starmen. He's very friendly, especially when he's joined by his bot, F4lx0r24.

Right now, Falcon24 is trying to ban someone named Village-Idiot from #starmen. It isn't working.

I once saw Falcon24 walk across a lake to heal some injured Canada Geese.

He is love.

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