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Serious - by SimonBob


Hi, my name is SimonBob. I'm one of the principle players in the little IF fiasco that's been going on, but that's not what this article is about. If you want my thoughts on that, they go like this: "Who cares? Kiss & make up and go on writing."

No, my big deal right now is with the absolute seriousness with which this site is run. Don't be shocked. Yes, it's a nice fun game that the site is based on, and we're all supposed to be here to have fun. And we do. Go look at some of the stuff that's been submitted, it's amazing. I know I have fun when I'm slapping together a fluke or whatever. But deep down, I think a lot of people take this website a little too far.

My cynical side flares up on me every now and then. "Those other people, they're just names. They don't give a darn if you live or die or whatever. It's just like a game, everyone plays a part and pretends, and if they don't like it they just get up and change. And nobody really knows what anyone is like in real life."

But then the other side (I can't think of the inverse of "cynical," it's half-past-midnight) jumps right up. "Those are people too, you know! They have feelings and personalities! You care about people in video games, even though you know they're not real... well, these people are real!"

The only thing I can get both sides to agree on is that you gotta treat everyone right. That's my "part" in this charade, or maybe it's how I really act. I don't know who puts on an act and who's for real on this website. I couldn't even begin to guess.

I just tried my technique of asking in #starmen for help on my article. I asked who was acting and who was being themselves. Only one person said they were being themselves. Everyone else ignored me, as usual. I should stop using that technique.

Anyhow, I think a lot of people take what they hear and say waaay too seriously. Please remember: It's only a website. Anyone could just be acting stupid, you never know. If you still take it totally seriously, well then GET A LIFE! Get some real friends and hang out in your basement and chow down on Doritos and cream soda and stop sitting in front of your computer all the time. Maybe it'll surprise you to know that I spend maybe only an hour a day on the net, maximum. I spend an awful lot more time eating, sleeping, going to school, hanging with friends, just plain chilling out. Maybe that doesn't surprise you. It surprises me, though... I think this article pulls my own soapbox out from under me.

Life is too complex for any of us to get mad at one another. I'm just here to have fun and talk about the game I like.

My name's SimonBob, I play EarthBound. Let's leave it at that.

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