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Xodnizel - by SimonBob


Some of you won't recognize the name "Xodnizel." That's okay, I don't really recognize it either. But if you check the staff page, there he is, larger than life. Xodnizel. The mystery server guy.

Well, guess what? Xod's more than just that. Xodnizel is also a master programmer and forum hacker. You know those little page-links that let you skip pages in forum topics? Those are Xod's. And I'm pretty sure Xod pulled off most of the other forum magic, like the titles and banners and stuff. Even if he didn't, I like to attribute it to him. I mean, he's way cool, right?

Those who know Xod a little better (usually those who have been around for a while) understand a few of the more obscure facts of his existence. He likes teapots. He also likes the adjective "sexy." His news icon is a pink Bubble Bobble dinosaur. And he is not a force to be reckoned with. When riled, his wrath knows few bounds and fewer impossibilities; he could go so far as to use voodoo curses, or sic an IRC bot on you.

But despite his immense powers, Xod does have limits. He can't remember his forum password, so he uses reidman's. And he's always busy, and rarely gets a reason to make a main-page post. So we should all feel sorry for him. (Oh, and if you don't, read the "not a force to be reckoned with" bit again so you'll know what's in store for you.)

Xod built a program called FCE Ultra, which I use and is most totally excellent. His visage appeared on the first-edition mugz0rz. And to sum it all up, his favourite music is Ys music. You know, that crazy video game series.

Xodnizel is cool. Thanks for reading. PERFECT 10! The score will say 1.10, but it's actually 10.

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