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Best Fight Ever - by SimonBob

Best Fight Ever

Let me tell you guys about my fight with Mondo Mole. First, some background: the place was EBFGPS03, and the plan was to rock the party. I'd leveled Ness to 23 and Paula to 15 because I was planning on beating MM without Paralysis, something I've never managed to do before. It was kind of tricky to level up because Ness was homesick, but I didn't want to leave the cave and have to fight my way back to the Magic Butterfly and then to MM, so I was stuck with missing some of Ness's attacks.

So I get to MM with only a couple HP gone from a Mr. Batty, and I start by using Flash. This gets MM crying, but it doesn't seem to help much, as he keeps on hitting me anyway. Meanwhile, none of Paula's PSI helps much, although Ness's PSI Mewtwo B is doing 200+ damage per turn.

Suddenly, trouble arises. Ness is running low on HP, so I set him up to use Lifeup on himself. He gets to go before MM hits him again, but he pauses to think about his mother and misses the chance! BAM! MM tears into him, killing him off.

Well, this just about ruined my mood. Resigning myself to my obvious doom, I put my standard "I'm screwed" strategy into play: I set Paula to pray.

Rainbow-coloured light floods the area. For those of you not down with the lingo, that means all the dead participants of the battle come back to life with full HP.

I can't play for a minute as I'm too busy laughing my head off. Ness is fully recovered, free of charge, and his homesickness is automatically cured! Hahahaaaa! MM takes a swipe at Paula, but now that Ness is back in action, it's a simple matter to heal her up again. Then I let fly with two more shots of Mewtwo B, and it's all over. Both my characters are alive and able to reap the full benefit of MM's tremendous exp, and I didn't use a single shot of paralysis! Let that be a lesson to those of you who denounce Pray as a useless command.

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