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The Starmen Origin - by STAREYe

The Starmen Origin

While I am very new to this site, I have been a fan of EarthBound since the beginning, and through these years, I have wondered things like, where did that meteorite come from? and what is the origin of those cool Starmen guys? and other things like that, so I come come up with an interesting story...

This, is the planet of stars, where the Star Warriors live. Now, before I go any further I must tell you that Star Warriors are very hostile, and believe that power is everything. They are some of the most powerful creatures there are, and they hate all other creatures, especially humans. Although there are some who think differently, but they are rare. A warrior named Giygas was one of them, he married a human and they had twin boys, STAREYe, and Geno. Now this angered the other star warriors greatly, they killed the human mother, and banned Giygas from the planet forever. however, they allowed STAREYe and Geno to stay, knowing they couldn't help but be half human.

The way they banned Giygas was, they concealed him in a meteorite, and used a giant cannon to blast him away. Now Giygas flew through space for days before he landed and throughout those days he created a plan, he decided to get revenge on the Star Warriors, to do so, he had to take over whatever planet he landed in.

When he finally landed, he was on top of a hill, he heard sirens, so he decided to get out of here before he was discovered. He built a secret hideout and worked on a time machine, it took him about four years to complete, but he knew it had to be built to accomplish world domination, then he built a mind control machine, which toke about five years, then he used his power to sneak back to the planet of the Star warriors then he captured two of them, Buzz Buzz, and Jr. He used his mind control machine, and he had them under his power, they lost a drastic amount of power from the process of it, but he was one step closer to his goal. He also fitted strange armor on them to keep them in his control at all times

However, Buzz Buzz, didn't seem to be totally in his control. then, about a year after, Buzz Buzz escaped his control and stole his time machine to warn somebody back when Giygas' power was smaller, and he met up with a boy named Ness. Meanwhile, Giygas was making more time travel machines, and he used one to teleport Starman (The name he selected for them) Jr back in time to destroy Buzz Buzz, but Starman Junior failed, and Giygas realized he had to improve the Mind control machine so they wouldn't have to lose so much power. slowly he improved it little by little, soon he had many different versions of Starmen. But eventually Ness and co. whipped his butt and all that stuff that you all ready know. But, the journal he kept that would probably have how to make the mind control machine has never been found, and is rumored to have been stolen by one of Giygas's slaves, or perhaps, his 2nd in command?


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