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Earthbound Backwards - by Tenniru

Earthbound Backwards

Most people thing Earthbound 0 takes place BEFORE Earthbound. But look at it this way. When you defeat Giygas, Pokey says he'll plan his next act in another time. The past? Mabye. Here's my theory.

After getting the letter from Picky, Ness discovers that Pokey is in the past, 198X. He uses the Phase Distorter to go back in time to when his family lived in Podunk. Paula and Jeff go as well, under the alias of Ana and Loyd. Ness is simply a shortening of Ninten. But in the process, they forget all their PSI. How?

Well, going millions of years back to the Cave of the Past, you loose your body. But only going back a few years suports your body, but you loose your PSI. When Giyuge turned evil, it was caused by Pokey, who radiated evil power through George.

But what of Poo? He didn't go back. He was busy ruling Dalaam. So, Dr. Andonuts uses the scrapped Starman DX and installs a human hologram. Note the weird face in the clay model. Starman DX is Teddy. As to not disrupt the timeline, Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Starman DX seperate into diffirent places.

When Giyuge is defeated, Pokey is the one vowing revenge, and that revenge takes place in Earthbound. It goes round and round and round.

And the SING option? SING does pretty much the same thing as PRAY in the battle against Giygas. The way Paula prayed was influenced by the song coming through a rift in time. The SING command recorded the songs of the Eight Sanctuaries, which also came through a rift from Ness' Magicant. Maria's song created the eight Sanctuaries when Giyuge was defeated. Paula prayed nine times. The first eight used the Sauctuary songs/Maria's tune. The ninth, where the player prays (Say that ten times fast!) is allowed by the Canary in Magicant (Who came from Canary Village). That canary in Magicant came from a small fracture of the future/past. This paradox was so confusing to Ness, that instead of being corrupted by the Mani Mani in Fourside, the paradox in Ness' mind warped the Mani Mani so much that Moonside was created from the ruins of Maria's Magicant, which was implanted in Ness' mind and was put back together when he recorded the Sound Stone's melodies.

In other words, i've either watched too much Star Trek or had Tooo Muuuch Caaaafine. I've had toooons of Dew before I came here today.

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