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Report 1: Content, Content, Content - by The Losar

Report 1: Content, Content, Content

Why is the title numbered, you ask? I mean, the last one I did was numbered, and yet there is nary a sequel to be found. Well, I don't know. I was thinking of explaining the monetary system of EB, but...

Well, here I am. I've been here, what, almost four years now? And look at me. I'm hardly even known and, if you do know who I am, it's probably a pretty recent interest. Why is that? Why is it that people who have come here for more recently than I have are so well known and popular? (Pappycat, I believe, is a good example.) Well, it's really very simple: Content, content, content.

For the past three years I've done basically nothing but hang around the forums. Sure, I made one article a long time ago (I was Krillin, at the time). And I also participated in IFs, two of which are now in the fanfic section. But I have so many useful skills that I never put to use in the site. In life, I am an artist (albeit a mediocre one). Graphic design, drawing, painting, writing, all kinds of stuff. It wasn't until the Halloween Funfest 2002 that I really, really worked on something. It was a story. A bit small, but it was longer than the rest of the entrees. It took a month to write. I worked on it in school, at home, and during my breaks at work. I didn't have time to type it up, so I paid someone $20 to do it. It was entered on the last day. I've recently worked on other things, art things. Through art, I met one of the awesomest people on the site (we luv jnk). All of this, I go out of my way to make, usually not just in my "free time".

So here's my point. This site, like many other things, is give and take. Content, content, content. That what the site is run on, and that what I'll give it, and you should too. It's not a job, I've realized. It's relaxing. Man, the feeling of being productive!

So I've set myself up for a relaxing article-writing every Saturday night, my only garenteed free night of the week. Content, content, content. Of course, the topic will change everytime.

Site-related fact of the week (10/11/03): Some guy posted about talking to Alan, of Nintendo Power, in an NP chat room. He said that Alan told him that a special issue of Nintendo Power is coming up with our art from the NP:Seige 3. This is sort of old news, Jonk has spoken to Alan about it a good while back, but some people still perhaps don't know this. Hm, a special issue... I wonder what this portends? Perhaps in a later article the results will be revealed and recorded.

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