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On that fateful night 10 years ago - by Nesskid

On that fateful night 10 years ago

Sit back and take a listen children and let me tell you a tale of how my life was change forever. For the better or for the worse you may ask well I'll leave that part up to you. It started on that night, it was the day after my birthday, and I had 60 dollars that my seven year old mind had to spend. My Mom told me to get in the car we were going to Wal-Mart, well about time I only had to ask six-hundred times. So my best friend Jeff had just got Megaman X and I wanted it too.

We got to Wal-Mart, I grabbed my mom's hand and dragged her to the back of the store where they had video games. I went and looked for megaman, and right where it should have been was an empty space. I flipped out, threw a tantrum and started yelling at the employee, hey I was seven I figured if I yelled at him he might go in the back and get me a copy of the game. My mom, quite embarassed by now looked around for a solution. She spotted the biggest box they had and said "here casey what about this game" I looked at the god sized box and started crying even more, "mom thats not a game it's a new system." How was I to know the box was so big. So we bought the game and left the store.

On the ride home of course I ripped open the box and took out the game right away, I was seven. That was the longest car ride home ever. When we got home I tryed to play but I couldn't read to well and I just let my mom play, and I was fine with that. It was just like any other game to me until one night two monthes later, my mom beat Giygas. O.o Holy crap with all the flashing lights and sweet noises I was hooked for life. The next night I started my own file and just pretended that I knew what the people were talking about. I loved the game to death, and ten years later, I sit here looking at the ripped remains of the players guide and the ripped sticker on the cart and I think to myself, "I wouldn't have it any other way." If it wasn't for Earthbound I would be captain of the football team or a grade A track star but I choose to stay and side and play EB, all becaus that fateful night ten years ago....

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