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Whoooooaaa! - by Tomato


This is what I hope will be the first of a semi-regular series of articles relating to the site, EarthBound/Mother stuff, and me being in Japan.

Yesterday started out with a bang. Literally. At 6:30 in the morning, an earthquake rocked the outer-Tokyo area. It was my first earthquake ever, and it was pretty fun! But later in the day I was to be surprised even more.

First, thanks to countless people, including Giovanni, Yesman, and reidman, I bought a Nintendo 64 yesterday. Clear blue. I also bought a used copy of Smash Bros. But, as I picked up a copy of SSB to take to the counter, I glanced past something that I thought couldn't be real. What was it?

I'll tell you. Starting yesterday, the game store near my university has started taking pre-orders for Mother 3. As I spend about 30 minutes to an hour in that store everyday, I wondered if I was to be the first one to reserve a copy there. And when I asked, the clerk said that indeed I was.

The cool thing is this. By pre-ordering, I'll save $10-$15. What's more, I don't pay until I pick up a copy.

Now, for the weird part. On the in-store advertisement, it said the game was to released in May. But, on the little reserve slip thing I got, it says December. However, the URL of the store's homepage that they have printed on there is wrong, so I wouldn't think it impossible that their release date is wrong as well. Also, next to December they have the equivalent of "To Be Announced", so I don't know exactly what to think anymore.

(Sorry for such a bad scan!)

But the main thing is, Mother 3 is real! People are able to pre-order them!

And when I got home, I was happy to find that I got a free memory pak with my N64 - the store forgot to take it out! Cool!

I'd like to get a scan of that adverstisement for you all, but I gotta work up my confidence. Having some goofy foreigner ask to borrow a store ad isn't an everyday thing, you know.

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