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Pokey , life as a sin. - by Stevesesy

Pokey , life as a sin.

Pokey is the walkng embodiment of sin. He encompasses all sins. He isn't corrupt he is evil. He corrupts good when he touches. He is walking jealousy that leeches on to one source of power to another. He hides behind a cloak of lies to just get by. Why does he do this? He is a social parasite.

A social parasite is someone who uses another person to get higher in status or another ranking. Once the host can no longer sustain itself and the parasite, the parasite moves on to another unsuspecting victim. It is easier if the victim is in a state of lowered awareness for they will not see it coming and will usually be unable to fight it off. The Mani-Mani Statues were emitters of phycohypnotic energies that created a false sense of safety and made the persons effected unknowing of what happened. They are capable of creating these illusions of evil by overpowered electromagnetic generators, hidden within its glorious luster. The same tpe of fields can be generated with short-circuts and faulty wiring. These elements are picked up by the human bidy and are usually misinterpreted by the brain and magnify current feelings. This is what usually makes creepy houses creepy.

The host for the parasitic monstrostiy were all people living high, comfortable lives. They were pretty much oblivious to their downfull. The Mani-Mani's confusing arrays allowed the prey to be in paradise up to their final days.

When the Mani-Mani Statue in Fourside was destroyed, Mr. Monotoli realized what was happening and the curtain fell all around him. He saw what the child was up to and tried to stop him. He helped a little but it was a little too late. A prideful youth had already taken a chance of hope and smashed it into a swamp. He was one step ahead and he knew where he must go.

Ultimate evil had a physical form. What kind of madness it went trough must have been unbearable for all reality was lost around it and so was it. It was lost in horrible dimension. A land of where X doesn't equal X and time is nothing but a hand moving in a cirlce, or maybe a square. Trapped in this hell, evil was completely vulnerable. It had no direction, it had no bearing on anything. A boy traveled through time and space to a place containing neither of these and tried to bring order to this chaos, but his lust for power overtook him and he created the devil's machine. Capable of making even horrid chaos obey his commands. It must have work liked a Mani-Mani Statue but in the crazed realm he was capable of harnessing the curves of insanity and using them to magnify the field. He nearly took control but a friend stopped him. Dispite his lies he loved his friend, his only frined. He need his friend more than ever but a the work he had put into his attempts had affected him. He had become the evil, he lost all his feelings for anything and at that point he was worse than the monster he was trying to control. He let loose the monster and all his humanity.

He was a monster but a small sliver of goodness was still in him. It wouldn't be seen for a long, long time though. How could evil be controlled, was it science or the soul. Did he put his hatred to work or was it his machine? I'm not sure, but whatever he did, it could have destroyed the world unless a friend helped.

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