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Sketchy Nightmare - by Radiation

Sketchy Nightmare

Kind of a sketchy lame pencil drawing I made when I was bored, it's still pretty interesting though.

Other Submissions by Radiation

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Radiation Some Noodle Website
7/31/06 0.00
Radiation Story of a Soldier 4 - dude how did that kid do that
soas - #04
I still can't beat that level!

Getting better. First frame is kinda crap.

Not as funny as the others. I'm leading up to it, wait for it.
7/25/06 0.00
Radiation Story of a Soldier 5 - Siberia Sucks
soas - #05
Still not very funny. But I'm gonna get there, one really unfunny comic ahead and then we're there for bonzai time.
7/25/06 0.00
Radiation Memories of my Childhood Videogame Rentals
7/31/06 0.00
Radiation Story of a Soldier 6 - The End of the Beginning... of the End. Of the Beginning.
soas - #06
This comic series is x100 better if you do the voices right. Heheheheheheh.

Anyway, this comic took 3 hours to make and I still don't like it. Actually I do. Hahahahaha!
8/12/06 0.00


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