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Starman Federation pg13 - by Lord_glavin

Starman Federation pg13

Starman Federation - #13
Well after this I'm gonna start turning to more one pagers than continuations, much less work

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Lord_glavin Starman Federation pg6
Starman Federation - #06
sry, been busy lately but heres a new page! capitan Saturn is one bad mofo
10/15/06 0.00
Lord_glavin Starman Federation pg7
Starman Federation - #07
Starmen DX are pretty selfish.....mmmmmm....shellfish...
10/18/06 0.00
Lord_glavin Starman Federation pg8
Starman Federation - #08
STFU has no affliation with any other acronyms other than STarman Federation University
10/18/06 0.00
Lord_glavin Starman Federation pg9
Starman Federation - #09
Giant pile of puke...IN SPACE!!! imagine what had to throw up to make
10/18/06 0.00


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