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Strawberry Tofu EBNM special! - by Tech

Strawberry Tofu EBNM special!

I publish a webcomic called "Strawberry Tofu", and this is the EB no Matsuri special, the characters are Me, Kyle Shemelia, and Julian Bechard (even though we kinda look like Ness, Jeff, and Poo)

Other Submissions by Tech

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Tech Cosplaying Tom
A picture of Handsome Tom cosplaying as Ness!
11/6/06 8.00
Tech Halloween Haikus
A bunch of Haikus I wrote for Funfest '06
11/6/06 0.00
Tech Happy HalloWHAT?! Jeff...
11/7/06 0.00
Tech Saturn_Starman
Part one of a two part pic where a Starman and Mr. Saturn switch places.
11/7/06 8.00
Tech Starman_saturn
Part two of a two part pic where a Starman and Mr. Saturn switch places.
11/7/06 7.18


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