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The Mother's Outfit - by FoSheezy

The Mother's Outfit

It seems SOMEONE'S Mom shops at Carson Pirie Scott's. I wonder how many of us will send our moms there after seeing this... (I know I am! ;D)

Other Submissions by FoSheezy

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FoSheezy BURlinGton
(Put the captial G next to the other caps and remove the ton). This might be pushing it a bit, but everytime I go drive to DeKalb and pass this sign, I ALWAYS think of Burglin Park! Finally snapped it after all these years...
11/28/07 0.00
FoSheezy Coil Snake
Here is my MS Paint addition of the Coil Snake. Again, same pallet he had with his original battle sprite.
11/4/06 0.00
FoSheezy Dress to Impress!
Mr. Saturn and I are kickin' it in our best bows EVAH! Ow Ow! :D
10/28/06 0.00
FoSheezy EarthBound Miis!
For a better view, here are the codes for my Miis on the Check Mii Out Channel!
Ness: 5384-1867-7528
Jeff: 2587-6381-1091
Poo: 0099-7679-4571
Pokey: 2946-3201-7280
Dr. Andonuts: 9354-9354-5095
Everdred: 7362-4074-7298
Picky: 7609-9780-9003
Lardna: 8591-9337-8131 :D
Sorry, Paula wasn't working out well with the Miis...
11/28/07 0.00
FoSheezy EarthBound Zero Miis!
Just like my regular EB Miis, here are the ones for M1!
Ninten: 7441-5739-9269
Ana: 6102-5146-0601
Loid: 4548-4304-9492
Teddy: 0105-3625-1109
11/28/07 0.00


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