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The Power: Page 12 - by SkyeChan

The Power: Page 12

SkyeChan - #12
Page twelve of my fancomic.

Other Submissions by SkyeChan

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SkyeChan EarthBound Poster Thingy
An EarthBound poster-esque drawing made in Oekaki. The lines are messy and the coloring is kinda plain, but I didn't quite have time to develop it. I like the design of it, though. Yes, the chosen four thing is pretty cliche. Sorry about that. Hopefully it's good enough to not be deleted.
3/28/06 0.00
SkyeChan Eerie Battle
Before or during the final battle, depending on how you percieve it. It's supposed to be a bit abstract. Drawn with oekaki (Shii Painter Normal).
10/29/06 10.00
SkyeChan Everyone's Favorite Boat Ride
The glorious Mother 2 memorial boat ride. Perhaps I didn't choose the best stuff to put in the background. I was trying to get the Skyrunner and the Dungeon Man in there, but I failed with that and so you can only see Dungeon Man's foot. Anyway, I drew this in an oekaki program. Hope you like it.
5/24/06 0.00


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