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Safety First! - by KingDarian

Safety First!

Don't forget to wear the, nose strap!

Other Submissions by KingDarian

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KingDarian A Night in Threed
A twelve stanza poem about a night in Threed.
10/10/07 0.00
KingDarian Paula
Her ribbons are shiny.
9/27/07 0.00
KingDarian Kawaii Ness
One day, Ness ate too many Pocky and turned into a kawaii caricature. THE END!!
9/24/07 0.00
KingDarian Hawk Eye
Only one with the Hawk eye can pierce the dark.
9/22/07 0.00
KingDarian Mr. Passion
Even though he is 100% devoted to his music he still finds time on the side to work out, leading him to win the Most Muscular Musician award.
9/14/07 0.00


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