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SON: Page 13 - by Rinelde

SON: Page 13

SON - #16
Page 13 of SON. Yay?

Other Submissions by Rinelde

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Rinelde Paula in Grey
Fan Art of the Week Winner! 10 Sep 2007

Hooray for Paula and teddy bears.
8/3/07 9.00
Rinelde Aye, The Kraken!
My version of the fearsome Kraken.
3/10/07 9.00
Rinelde The Hero Overwhelmed
Ness and Nightmare Pudding again. This Ness is specifically from my comic SON. Oh, is this plot?
3/10/07 9.00
Rinelde Ness and His Nightmare
A very sketchy picture of Ness and Giygas ((who looks like month old pudding)). Not meant to be an 'OMG WOW' picture, but I thought it came out pretty well for something I drew in Chemistry class.
1/2/07 9.00


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