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Frank Fly - by axelgnt

Frank Fly

i really like how i made this version specially because of the hair style and the posse
Hope you like him.

Other Submissions by axelgnt

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axelgnt Boney in clay
Boney this character is so cute and cool one of my favorites of this game, i also made boney with human disguise Hope you like it.
10/3/06 10.00
axelgnt Clay Earthbound Characters
Earthbound main characters my style i made some changes on the characters i really hope you like them
8/9/06 8.00
axelgnt Clay Jeff
Jeff done my style im not very good making glasses in clay but im proud on how i made this characters i like them all but this one is my favorite.
8/9/06 10.00
axelgnt Clay Ness
a clay Ness my style i think he looks cool but thats just my opinion Hope you like it
8/9/06 8.00
axelgnt Clay Paula
Paula done my style since she has a teddybear when she joins you i made it too i hope you like them i do i think she looks cute
8/9/06 9.00


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