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No crying until the ending. - by Jean

No crying until the ending.

Fan Art of the Week Winner! 16 Jul 2007

I've based Ninten's design more off the commercial version to individualize him, since Ness' design is so close to his.

Lately I've been playing Mother, so I was inspired to draw this. I feel each of catch phrases represent the games better than any review could.

Other Submissions by Jean

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Jean Jeff doesn't have any PP
Well, he doesn't.
4/2/08 0.00
Jean Jeff, where are you going in the middle of the night?
This is a bit old, but I forgot to submit it. I wanted to practice, so I chose one of my favourite scenes from the game and tried to draw it how I saw it in my head. While I could see Tony putting on his hat as soon as he woke up, I don't think he'd sleep in his coat and shorts. I'm sure Snowood is pretty well heated.

I know my bed drawing skills are amazing, don't all praise me at once!
6/8/08 0.00


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