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Fishing For Kraken pg 1 - by Zargata

Fishing For Kraken pg 1

fishkraken - #01
>> and you thought I was dead. Ha, anyway a big thank you to Ozwalled for the help he did long ago to help me edit this and make sure everything was all super and great spelling/grammar-wise. So yeah. Thanks again Ozwalled.

Other Submissions by Zargata

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Zargata 2010 Kraken-ist
4 years ago I started the Fishing for Kraken comic with my, self proclaimed famous, anti hero the Kraken-ist. Inspired by mixing the Kraken (no duh) and the insane cultist from Earthbound.
2/2/10 0.00
Zargata Fishing for Kraken 200X
The AMAZING retelling of the classic comic! When the original ended in 2007, I did almost everything I could to revive the series. Nothing worked, so FFK went to comic heaven and was never heard from again. Now in the year 2010 I've come back and I am now working on the crazy project of rewriting the entire thing! Gasp! 200X is longer, bolder, and as silly as ever! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.
11/13/10 0.00
Zargata Fishing for Kraken 200X page 1
The self proclaimed rival of Ness and our lovable anti hero from Fishing For Kraken! His goal in life seems to be to destroy the chosen four and to avenge the Kraken, but beyond that, not much is know about him. This costumed fiend isn't very powerful and seems to have no PSI abilities. So how can one crazy guy taken down Ness, the most powerful being in the universe? Well he doesn't have a clue either. But I'm sure his ego is large enough to get him in heaps of trouble.
11/13/10 0.00
Zargata Fishing for Kraken 200X page 10
Oh, crazy talking garbage! How silly you are!
11/20/10 0.00
Zargata Fishing for Kraken 200X page 11
12/8/10 0.00


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