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Fishing For Kraken pg 11 - by Zargata

Fishing For Kraken pg 11

fishkraken - #11
Yippy! Its dead...!

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Zargata Fishing for Kraken 200X page 2
Oh silly Kraken-ist.
11/13/10 0.00
Zargata Fishing for Kraken 200X page 3
Hero of Earthbound and savior of the world. Not much has change in these 10 years, in fact, he still wears the same clothes. He dropped out of high school, spent his fortune oh his “Live Fast, Die Hard” lifestyle and was thrown into rehab a year ago. He is now a changed man and wants to do good. So he has taken up odd jobs to pay back his family and friends for his expensive and long rehab. Nothing says honest hard worker like killing the endanger Kraken!

The psychic master and the second member of the chosen four. She completed high school and is currently attending the same
college as Jeff. With her skills, she hopes to be the first physic defense attorney. ANYWAY, she is currently taking some time off from her busy school year to help out her old friend Ness.

The Kraken:
The Kraken is a monster you fought in Earthbound, simple enough. In Summers a rare and expensive dish is made from it and sold
for about 648 dollars. Most of the time, since the beast is so rare, they make it out of tuna. People started complaining and so on,
so they hire poachers like Ness. They are on the brink of extinction and considered to be a pest by the local fishermen.
11/13/10 0.00
Zargata Fishing for Kraken 200X page 4
Oh noes! Not the plot! Wait...this story has a plot?!
11/13/10 0.00
Zargata Fishing for Kraken 200X page 5
Who you gonna call? Tony!
11/13/10 0.00
Zargata Fishing for Kraken 200X page 6
11/13/10 0.00


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