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Earthbound Cosplay - by mistycat85

Earthbound Cosplay

Paula (Me) and Ness (Artemis251) on Sunday of Otakon... I made my frying pan out of styrofoam.

Other Submissions by mistycat85

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mistycat85 Christmas at Snow Wood
Jeff's taking apart a final project as Tony decides it's time for a hot chocolate break. Both of them, along with a select few students, stayed at school over the Holiday Break.
1/8/08 8.00
mistycat85 moonside perspectives
Yay for art-ing instead of sleeping XP

10/6/08 8.00
mistycat85 Still Just Kids
I don't mean the title to be derogatory!
anyways- this is Ness and Paula sometime after they killed Giygas- but it must be weird for them to go back to being somewhat normal kids.
6/19/07 8.39
mistycat85 Zoom!
Oil Pastel of Mr Saturn. It took a long time to do because I kept smearing colors together and having to start over.

oil pastels are fun.
2/28/07 9.00
mistycat85 I Want It Painted Blue
Fan Art of the Week Winner! 16 Apr 2007

This is a HappyHappiest Cultist from the game Earthbound! He's an enemy that is part of a cult that wants to paint the world blue in order to make people happy. This image popped into my head earlier and I had to draw it. The background was exceedingly fun to paint by the way ^^

It did not scan very well however >_< but oh well.
4/2/07 9.00


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