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Plush Bear - by Geigue200

Plush Bear

Makes you feel warm doesn't it?
Though, warmth isn't the best feeling to have in summer. ^_^;

Other Submissions by Geigue200

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Geigue200 Bad Breath... eww... :P
When an armadillo opens it's mouth, be sure to use a gas mask.
3/16/07 0.00
Geigue200 Battling the Freaky group
What will you do??
7/19/07 7.00
Geigue200 Belch
He just got his steady supply of fly honey, and now he's enjoyin' it.
3/13/07 0.00
Geigue200 Boney
My dog kinda looks like boney, the only differences are the lighter fur and my dog being skinny.

Her yawning pose was the best. XD
7/2/07 0.00
Geigue200 Carbon Dog
3/1/07 0.00


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