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199X On A Distant Night - by Katon

199X On A Distant Night

Trying something new.

Other Submissions by Katon

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Katon Porky's Pit
We found the jerk in Gary, Indiana. ...Better leave him.

Be grateful, I ran against a moving train to get this photo!
9/28/08 0.00
Katon The.. Chosen Four? Nah.
Wha-gasp. It's my first fanart. D: Of the 'chosen four' of Mother 3, I suppose. I haven't played much of the game, so the characters are most likely way off. T_T; I still kinda like the way it came out, though.. :/ The lack of scenery besides a physicsbending bench is rather odd, though. >_>;
9/13/06 0.00
Katon EarthBound in my Mind
When your bored and Mother's on your mind, and you should be paying attention to class reading but you can't, you get the urge to draw stupid stuff like this. I drew this as an idea for the calendar, but I didn't get anything really done with it until recently when I was flipping through the sketchbook and saw the unfinished product. It was my first attempt at ever trying to seriously color something, and it makes me a little angry that my scanner raped it the way it did. Just know that I've been working on it for the past week or so, and I did try hard to make it look fine. XP
1/4/07 8.63
4/15/09 0.00


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