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Threek - by Otakusoul13


Ness just looking upon the festivities in the town of Threek.

Other Submissions by Otakusoul13

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Otakusoul13 C'mon!
WOOF! (C'mon I want to get some candy!)

lucas dressing up as a pig-mask dude
11/7/07 0.00
Otakusoul13 Claus
The Older, Energetic Twin.
11/2/07 0.00
Otakusoul13 Claus Altar
something i did in Spanish II for Day of the Dead
4/1/08 0.00
Otakusoul13 Lucas and Sunflowers
a picture i drew at work months ago, finally got around to scanning it!
7/27/08 0.00
Otakusoul13 MOTHER 1 + 2 + 3
a collection of different things from all mother games
into one big piece of paper!

showing the major bosses of each game.
as well as the main characters. :]]
this was for an art project.
it was to show concept....or somethin'.
11/2/07 0.00


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