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KUMATORAAA! - by Xelchan


A little Kumatora, made with an ShiPainter!

Other Submissions by Xelchan

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Xelchan Broken Wing.
The Masked Man is resting.
1/18/08 0.00
Xelchan Courage!
My second submission for Holiday Funfest 07.
I love this pairing <3
12/22/07 0.00
Made with open canvas!
3/20/08 0.00
Xelchan Isn't this an Utopia?!
Collab Pic with Garlar!
The idea is mine, but she did all those Pokeys!=D
4/24/08 0.00
Xelchan Kumatora again!
Ok, her shirt is long, her trousers too.
The text is from a Pop'n Music song, Girls Riot.
1/15/08 0.00


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